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Provide industry on a worldwide basis with quality chemical and environmental engineering services, advanced and emerging process technologies, and regulatory compliance support that optimizes client expenditures and manpower requirements.


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October 26, 2021 Zero-Fouling with the Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

I want to draw your attention to our webinar of November 17th: Achieve up to zero-fouling with the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology. I would like to ask you if you could/would like share this in your colleagues if you have an interest in Zero-fouling in heat exchangers.   Technology Keep your equipment operational with Klaren […]

April 28, 2020 Empowering Young Women in Chemical Engineering

Introduction – Empowering Young Women in Chemical Engineering As part of our “Empowering Young Women in Chemical Engineering” program Francia Jaimes from Bucaramanga, Colombia has joined us this year. She will graduate from Universidad de La Sabana after she completes her one year internship here. Megan Smith of the University of Colorado, Boulder will return […]

January 24, 2019 Catalytic Reactor Units for Continuous Hydrogenation and other Exothermic Catalytic Processes

Applied Catalysts is offering Catalytic Reactor Units for process intensification of Catalytic processes using their proprietary ACMC® activated carbon monolith catalyst technology.  These modular turn-key systems offer enhanced productivity, selectivity and lifetime for Hydrogenation and other catalytic chemistries.  Chemistry that is not equilibrium limited can be converted in a single pass through the reactor.  Production […]


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